Our courses aim to inspire students at any level to understand how living systems function. All the courses include hands-on practical emphasises these approaches and are aimed at farmers, growers, food producers, smallholders, technicians and students.

The training sessions combined presentation, talks, discussions, techniques and practical demonstrations to acquire and update knowledge and methodologies of the simplicity (and beauty) of regenerating agricultural lands while maintaining profitable production.

This knowledge will help farmers strengthen biological systems rather than weaken them whilst they are taking a commercial crop. The mixture of theory and practical will secure understanding and adoption, and provide fertility from local sources freeing farmers from the yolk of the agricultural supply industry.


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Holistic vision

Overview of how natural ecosystems work: (holistic), systemic, biological and biochemical approach.

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The importance and role of the diversity of minerals for soil re-mineralization.

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The relationship

Between microbiology, organic matter and minerals within the system.

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The role and use of micro-organisms for the regeneration of soil fertility.

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Stimulate plant health

Plant protection and stimulating plant health:

  • Understanding plant health, and how to make the most of it.
  • The role of microbiology in combating pests and diseases.
  • Crop nutrition as a tool to prevent pests and diseases.

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Maximizing and understanding resources available on the property and how to use them to enhance fertility on-site.


The training sessions can be delivered for different skills and knowledge levels. It is also possible to create a specific programme depending on your expectations, requirements or situation.

The workshops encourage participants to share experiences and engage in discussion, whilst providing an opportunity to reflect on the principles, objectives and strategies of agroecology.

The sessions include examples of how to work with different natural ecosystems, crops, soils, climates and cultures around the world and making university level science accessible to ordinary lay people.


    Some of the practices and theory covered with this training include:
  • - Understanding the importance of ferments in agriculture and how to take advantage of them to increase fertility.
  • - How to reproduce different local microbiology to enhance fertility in land.
  • - How to make and understand adapted bio-fertilizers, organic amendments and other organic practices using locally-sourced, low-cost materials.
  • - How to make biopesticide and mineral broths to treat pests and diseases.
  • - How to design a fertilization programme for crop nutrition which is adapted to each farm’s situation.

These techniques can be produced and used from backyard to a commercial level.


The Soil Assessment workshop will give you an overall or detailed vision of the current status of your soil; it will then create confidence and strategies to help build soil and then fertility to increase system health.

The different assessment methodologies allows you to recognize the physical, chemical and biological features of the soil by using a variety of basic and more in-depth tools.

Some of the techniques covered are: Visual Soil Assessment (VSA), microscope assessment, chromatography, how to interpret and manage mineral analysis, amongst other techniques.

*For other training, please e-mail us your enquiry and we will send you the information you need.


is a selective physical method

to separate compounds in solution

is used in many different fields of science

and in the case of soils,

the technique is focused to assess the quality

and then the fertility

How do we use it?

In the case of soil analyses, the result is a ‘photo’ which gives us useful information about the integration between Physical, chemical and biological features, which are easy to understand.
The info gathered is linked with the health of the soil as we can observe the structure, minerals available for the plant, biological diversity, organic matter content, or humus available among others features using this technique.

In order to get better results of the soil to be analyse, Chromatography can be supported with other soil tests; with the objective to integrate information, gathering a high level of understanding of soil in our farm, plot or backyard.
Chromatography can be used to assess the quality of compost, biofertilisers, amendments, fruit, vegetables, seeds, plant tissues and other applications and its very easy to replicate.


Juanfran Lopez has consultancy experience ranging from small-scale work to large, 5000-acre estates.

The consultancies offer a new and up-to-date vision using a wide range of interventions which go beyond just organic; this involves mimicking natural ecosystems on the property and the production and use of bio-inputs made on-site.

The overall vision is to build soil health through a biological approach; these interventions will enhance crop production and provide nutritiously dense food.

Discussion and planning of the process of transition from a “conventional” to a regenerative approach, taking into consideration the conditions and the state of the resources, the time and space available on the property.

Design of a Permaculture project.

Living Agriculture offers follow-up to help farmers continue the process begun with any of the projects undertaken.




The lectures are based on presentations and discussions; they contain past experiences and future interventions to give the audience a deeper understanding of the multiple advantages of regenerating landscapes.

Juanfran Lopez has had experience delivering presentations to groups of farmers in the field, to NGO workers, and presenting to Government extension workers and academics in a University environment.



    The biofertiliser manual


    The biofertiliser manual
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