a long term training institution

in OrgaNic agriculture

for rural youth

mityana (uganda)



Their vision is to leading and innovative organization providing and disseminating knowledge and skills in sustainable organic agriculture. This is achieved through the contribution significantly to the spread of healthy and sustainable food production and consumption practices across the country. RUCID’s focus is the strengthening of small-scale farmers of all ages through educational activities and by facilitating the development of working examples.


Juanfran visited RUCID college for the first time at the beginning of 2018, delivering the training about the production of bio inputs and plant nutrition; since then, Juanfran visited the college several times with the objective to build a whole set of knowledge and skills of the production and adoption of organic fertilisers in the tropical climate.

The objective is to train RUCID staff members and show farmers, students, extension officers and trainers on a medium-term strategic project based on the adoption and tweak of these techniques in the local conditions with the aim to support the current organic practices in Uganda.

rucids lane farm juanfran lopez


Beyond the training programs, this mission includes others interventions as setting up a production centre on place, becoming the main centre about the production of Bio fertilizers in East Africa.

In order to support the bio-factory several demonstration plots and trials have been conducted at the college regarding the benefits by adopting these techniques.



    The biofertiliser manual


    The biofertiliser manual
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